" There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure."

Colin Powell

Services & Features

Linkwork is a consulting company with expertise in the Automotive Aftermarket. Expertise of 25 years building business, finding partners, introducing product lines in various markets. Markets that are tough, economically depressed, dominated by monopolist brand names; we have seen and done it all. If your company is looking for additional distribution, want to break into a market, get market research done we are your partner. Our management team has had an outstanding career .....

Our Network

Our network and contacts are the most important that we have to offer to any customer. Having access to business owners that we have been working with for many years is invaluable. Our team has direct contact with key players in most markets we are active in. This ensure you honest and direct feedback on requirements to a successful entry. All team members come from the Automotive Aftermarket and are locals and have many years of seniority. Credibility and an entrepreneur attitude is what counts. Allow us to introduce ourselves to your company.


Together with our customers we define the project. We discuss the targets and what is achievable. No dreaming, realistic goals, targets and timing is what it is all about in today’s After market.
Projects can be small or big it does not matter. A discussion with the customer about what his expectations are is what it starts with. Regular updates are obvious. The end result is what counts.

World Wide

The markets where we are operating currently are Europe, Russia, China, USA and Canada. A lot of countries; a lot of very diverse customers and markets. Economy entry level products, premium high quality products; there is room for all products if your range and pricing meets local requirements. Let us develop the business for you.

What we do

Introduce your product to key players and wholesalers in markets that are selected by your company. Prepare a realistic business plan for a successful launch in the markets where we are active. Not just visit a potential customer with a catalogue and a price list. It does not work like this. Starting in a new market means to actively work with the targeted customers and to build a partner relationship for a successful and lasting cooperation. It means a lot of hard work before you can even begin to think about sales numbers.

How to contact Linkwork

We are located in Belgium in the Heart of Europe